KIP-848: The New Kafka Consumer Group Protocol

a 2-min intro to the complete re-design of consumer groups in Kafka

Ah, Consumer Groups…

Many changes are coming to them.
(…and I’m not talking about KIP-932 and its Queue / Share Consumer Groups either…)

First, in case you don’t know the basics 👉

Second, introducing…

✨ KIP-848: The Next Generation of the Consumer Group Protocol ✨

A complete re-design, the newly-proposed protocol fixes many of the problems in the current version of consumer groups:

  • ⛔️ scalability cap

  • 🤯 complexity

  • 🐛 bugs

  • 🐌 slow fixes

  • 🔍 hard to debug

  • ⚙️ too extendable

  • 😵‍💫 interoperability

  • 😢 inconsistent metadata

Curious about more details regarding the problems? See here:

And it fixes it with these four pillars:

  • 1. Logic: Client Side → Broker Side

    • no more group leader, assignment is done in the broker.

  • 2. Rebalance Disruption: Stop the World → Incremental

    • it is much more incremental in a finer-grained sense.

      • when a new member joins, you don’t need to wait for all N members (that the group leader used to choose) to rebalance/revoke their partitions.

        • It can incrementally start getting partitions from the first (fastest) member to revoke.

When you think about it, a rebalance is simply a reassignment of some partitions from some consumers to others. 💡

Why does the whole group need to stop and know about this?

It doesn’t.

  • 3. Protocol: Generic → Consumer

    • make it a consumer-optimized protocol.

  • 4. Model: Pull-based → Push-Based

    • the broker now pushes the new partition assignments onto the consumers, instead of them pulling it from the broker (which used to pull it from the group leader).

🤔 How?


All is streamlined within a new Heartbeat API.

The protocol maintains three types of epochs:

  • Group Epoch - tracks when a new rebalance should happen

  • Assignment Epoch - tracks the generation of the assignment

  • Member Epoch - tracks each member’s last-synced epoch

💡 A new assignment is computed every time the group epoch changes.

All epochs should converge to be the same number.

The order is the following:

  1. the group-wide epoch is bumped.

  2. the target assignment epoch is bumped.

  3. consumers catch up to the member epoch via the heartbeat request, individually. (fine-grained)

In general, what you have is a simple state machine inside the Group Coordinator broker that’s running a constant reconciliation loop. 💥

And for those that learn better through visuals?

Your humble author has a video for you:

Other Details

  • the session timeout is now defined on the server - group_consumer_session_timeout_ms.

  • the heartbeat interval is also now defined on the server - group_consumer_heartbeat_interval_ms.

  • static membership (group_instance_id) is still supported.

  • Extended Protocol - extra APIs are added to extend the protocol dance for power-users like Kafka Streams that still want to have a client-side assignor.

A preview of the protocol is targeting shipping with Apache Kafka 3.7.

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